Why Use Temporary Fencing

The use of temporary fencing is beneficial for many purposes and is the ideal alternative to permanent fencing which is not always suitable, nor possible to use. Temporary fencing is seen in use in many everyday circumstances such as on building sites and by emergency services and is excellent in providing security and safety for a short term purpose, a commonly asked question is “why use temporary fencing?” the answer will depend on the intended use of the fence and what benefits it brings.

Differences between permanent and temporary fences

The answer to “why use temporary fencing?” is not positive in every circumstance; there are certain times when a temporary fence will not be suitable. If you are planning on building a fence for your garden or placing a fence around a business of school, then a permanent fence will be more suited. The style of permanent and temporary fencing does differ; the main benefit of temporary fencing is that while being sturdy and secure, it can easily be removed at any time. Permanent fencing relies on fence posts being buried and cemented in to the ground for a solid structure.

Permanent fences tend to be made from wood or steel and generally come in individual panels, temporary fencing is usually constructed from plastic or metal and will come in longer panels and joined together using heavy bases and temporary connectors.

Benefits of temporary fencing

Another part of “why use temporary fencing?” is to look at what benefits can be found in the use of this kind of fence. The first benefit is the one of there being no digging, drilling or any other complicated method of installation. Permanent fencing can often mean that the use of heavy duty equipment is needed to install, it also takes a lot longer to erect a permanent fence as fence posts need to be first levelled and cemented into place and left while the cement sets, and this often means a day a lost. Temporary Fencing can be erected in minutes and often just needs the panels slotting into the base.

Cost effectiveness is another plus point of “why use temporary fencing?” The overall cost of a permanent fence can be expensive especially if the intended use is only going to be for a short term measure, temporary fencing is generally hired as opposed to bought and will serve the same purposes at a much lower cost.

Temporary fencing uses

The final part of “why use temporary fencing?” is to look at the circumstances that will most benefit from the use of short term fencing. If you are building a new home, business or any other kind of building then temporary fencing is undoubtedly the best solution. Temporary fencing can be used to secure the perimeter of the building site; this will serve both safety and security benefits. Music festivals, sports events and local fairs will need temporary pedestrian barriers to protect spectators and control the flow of people in and out of the event.