Temporary Wooden Fencing

Anyone who has a garden will know that it is one of the most relaxing parts of anyone's home, there is nothing more lovely than sitting out in your garden in the hot sun or enjoying a barbecue will friends or family. However the enjoyment of a garden can be spoilt if you don't have a satisfactory amount of privacy. After all, constantly being able to see your neighbours and vice versa can be a major annoyance.

There a few ways to ensure privacy in your garden, you could grow a hedge and wait for it to grow high enough, however this method takes a lot of time and a hedge will need regular maintenance to ensure it doesn't grow too large or takes up too much space.

The much better option and an option preferred by most people is to put up a temporary wooden fence, they are fairly cheap and look really nice, you can varnish them to a colour of your liking and it will ensure you have full privacy in your garden.

Temporary wooden fencing is fairly easy to put up as well, it doesn't require a huge amount of skill, so even someone who is terrible at DIY would be able to do a good job putting it up. If you buy it from certain places, they will actually put it up for you, sometimes the service is free, other times it costs a small amount of money.

How Long Will Temporary Wooden Fencing Last For?

Temporary wooden fencing will last for a very long time, normally between five and ten years. The best way to elongate the life of your temporary wooden fencing is to coat it with wood preservative, this prevents the wood from rotting and spoiling, it is extremely inexpensive but does a very effective job.

Obviously if you bought a fence made out of metal it would last forever, but it would look extremely ugly, and you don't want to look at a dull and boring metal fence when you're trying to enjoy yourself in your garden. Since temporary wooden fencing isn't very expensive, replacing it every five to ten years isn't going to cost you a lot, and it is worth the price to have fencing that looks good.

Where To Buy Temporary Wooden Fencing From?

The best place to buy temporary wooden fencing from is your local garden centre, they will stock an extremely large range of temporary wooden fencing, varying in size and style, also in types of wood and price. Garden centres are the best places to buy from because they are reputable outlets, so you know that whatever temporary garden fencing you buy, it will be of high quality.

When you are looking for fencing, don't just settle for the cheapest option you find, visit lots of different garden centres before deciding what to buy, don't immediately buy the cheapest fencing you see. Also make sure you take the exact measurements of the fencing you require with you, you don't want to end up over spending or not getting enough fencing, just because you didn't keep the measurements in mind.