Temporary Site Fencing

Temporary fencing is something that you would use when it isn’t practical to build a more durable fence.  It can be used as a barrier to promote public safety or for security reasons.  It can also be used to control large crowds in public places, and to securely store tools and other paraphernalia.  Its most popular use is for securely fencing off building sites but temporary site fencing can be used for dividing areas at public venues and to restrict access to certain areas.  You will usually see temporary site fencing at concerts and other public events and gatherings, and also it is often used when there has been a large scale accident or catastrophe.

The forms of temporary fencing that you will see most are units made of plastic or chain link, steel or wire panels.  It usually comes in sections that link together to be erected around the outer edge of the area that needs to be enclosed.

What is Temporary Site Fencing?

Temporary site fencing is the kind of fencing used on construction sites, to restrict access to the public and allow workers to perform their activities without threatening the security of curious people wanting to take a peek at the construction operations.  Temporary site fencing can be erected and settled in no time, and can be used repeatedly whenever it is needed.  A common material for temporary site fencing consists of heavy duty tubing and welded mesh infill.

In the case of temporary site fencing, access points can be created if needed, and due to the fact that is highly resistant and lightweight, it can be easily transported to the selected location.

Where Can I Purchase Temporary Site Fencing?

There are many companies countrywide who supply this type of temporary fencing.  One of the largest is Blok n Mesh who has branches in:

  • Benacre Road, Birmingham
  • Wakefield Road, Barnsley
  • Wood Street, London
  • Bancombe Road Trading Estate, Somerset

You can also get temporary fencing at:

  • Site Security Services, 20-22 Factory Lane, Croydon, Surrey
  • Steadfast Fencing UK, 25 Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex

Estimated Costs of Temporary Site Fencing

Most companies that offer temporary site fencing for hire or sale require you to contact them to receive information on the pricing set for their products.  For example, to enquire at Blok n Mesh you need to call: 0870 950 5788.

Traders advertising on eBay offer solid steel panels that cost £40 per panel,  but you may also be charged less or more depending on the make and if you require any extras such as painting.  This should only be taken though as a very rough guide.  It is far better to call a reputable dealer for a quote.

Any of the large companies who specialise in temporary site fencing will be happy to advise you of the best type of fencing to meet your requirements.  They can show you examples, explain how they are erected and taken apart again and will also explain how they comply with health and safety issues.  Delivery can usually be arranged for the next day, and loading and unloading usually comes within the service.