Temporary Picket Fencing

People are sometimes inconsiderate enough that they step on newly-manicured lawns or let their dog litter in someone else’s property.  Don’t you just hate it when people forget that they are not in their backyard and that they should not goof around, damaging other people’s property in the process?  A good way of keeping your front lawn looking trim, proper, and well-maintained is to use temporary picket fencing.  Using temporary picket fencing instead of concrete fencing helps you maintain a look of continuity and garden elegance without having to pay the price of trespassed, dirty lawns because of careless people.

If you think temporary picket fencing will look great on your front lawn, here are a few things you should know about temporary pickets for fencing that will help you get started with your newest home project:

What is Temporary Picket Fencing?

The traditional knee-high, white, pointed stack of sticks that serve as a fence in a home’s front lawn is what we call a picket fence.  Temporary picket fencing is preferred by most home owners because they are easy to install, easy to maintain, and can be reused in the event of transferring to a new home.  Building a concrete fence is expensive and impractical.  Aside from taking too long to finish, an enclosed property is not always good to look at.  Temporary picket fencing is the most practical solution if you want to define the boundaries of your property and help keep people and animals out.

This type of temporary fencing is very easy to install because you just have to dig up the holes for the posts, install the posts, and screw on the pickets that are usually arranged into one neat fence panel.  You also have the option of building the pickets yourself.  Although this is a very tedious process, traditional home builders who do this claim that building your own picket fence and successfully installing it is proof of how good you are as a craftsperson and is plain beautiful to see when you go out of the house every day.

Where can I Purchase Temporary Picket Fencing?

Temporary pickets for fencing can be bought in the following shops:

  • Hardware store
  • Gardening shops
  • Furniture stores
  • Giant supermarket chains

Estimated Costs of Temporary Picket Fencing

Pickets for fencing can be bought in sets and packages.  If you plan to assemble your own picket fence, buy picket sets (commonly in sets of 50).  A set can cost anywhere between £10-30, depending on the material and height of the pickets.  Packages that include the posts, frames, and screws can be bought for as low as £50 for a 4-metre long fence.  For accurate prices, visit your local hardware store so you can checkout which models are available and how much each of these sets cost.

If you want a clean and easy way of defining the boundaries of your property, get yourself a picket fence.  It’s easy to install and maintain.  Besides, nobody can resist a picket fence’s traditional beauty especially when its sparkling white paint is contrasted by green shrubbery with loads of colourful flowers.