Temporary Horse Fencing

Horses are lovely creatures, they provide joy to people in a thousand different ways, some people love to keep them and groom them, take them to shows and show them off, whilst others like to bet on horse racing once in a while, whereas some people spend their whole lives as jockeys on the backs of horses.

No matter what a horse does, they will normally have to travel around a lot, whether that is to go to a show or to receive medication at a veterinary clinic. Whilst it is possible to leave them in their horse box for fairly short trips, such as going to a vets to get injections, for longer trips they will need to be put in a secure area where they will have lots of room to move.

The best solution for this problem is temporary horse fencing, which allows you to build a fairly large temporary enclosure that is really easy to put up, and it allows your horse to move around a lot, so they don't get agitated or distressed.

Does Temporary Horse Fencing Last Long?

This type of fencing is typically made out of metal and finished with a protective coating of plastic based paint, therefore it will be more than able to cope with whatever the weather throws at it and also anything a rowdy horse throws at it. Temporary horse fencing is extremely strong, there is no way on earth that a horse could break through it, the worst they could do is make it lean over slightly, they would never be able to bend the actual metal.

This means that the horses in the enclosure built from temporary horse fencing will be constantly secure, and it also means no-one will be able to get in and steal your horses, as they wouldn't be able to break through the tough fencing and get the horses out. Temporary horse fencing is also very high, it is high enough so horses would never be able to jump over it, which is very important for people who raise horses meant for show jumping.

Is Temporary Horse Fencing Expensive?

Temporary horse fencing is fairly inexpensive, it is typically made from steel or aluminium which is cheap, whilst also being incredibly strong. Anyone who can afford the up keep of horses would easily be able to afford temporary horse fencing. Since it is re-usable, you would only ever need to buy it once, after that you could use it time and time again, whenever you needed it.

The only problem would be storage, but when the fencing is packed up it is extremely compact which makes it easy to store anywhere, it can easily fit into a large shed along with other the stuff you store for your horses. If you don't have any room available for it, you could easily rent the temporary fencing from event to event, it is slightly more expensive compared to permanently buying it, but if it's more convenient then it would be a better option.