Temporary Garden Fencing

Isn’t it frustrating when somebody steps on your newly-manicured lawn or accidentally bumps on a newly-planted tree, causing it to grow in a fashion similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  An unrestricted view of your well-tended gardens and lavish shrubbery may be heaven in the eyes of an avid gardener, but accidents happen and you just need to protect your plants, sometimes even having to keep people out.  To keep your lawn looking pristine and enable your young trees to grow mighty, proud, and straight, you have to use temporary garden fencing.

Temporary garden fencing comes in a variety of sizes, types, and materials.  If you think you will benefit from installing temporary garden fencing in your area, find all the other facts you need to know about it here.

What is Temporary Garden Fencing?

Temporary garden fencing has three main purposes: to keep people and animals away from plants, to protect growing plants, and to add to the aesthetic design of a garden.  Garden fencing can be made of steel, treated wood, fibreglass, or plastic.  Some temporary fencing for gardens can be as small as 8 inches (picket-type) or as tall as 6 feet (for protecting newly-planted trees).

Temporary garden fencing can come in do-it-yourself home kits, while there are complex temporary fencing models that require some help with an installation expert.  Choosing which type of temporary fencing will suit your garden depends on what your plants are, whether your intention is to keep people out or protect your plants, and how you want your garden to look like aesthetically after its installation.

Where Can I Purchase Temporary Garden Fencing?

Looking for temporary fencing for your garden?  Here are the best places where you can find the temporary fencing that would work best for you:

  • Local hardware store
  • Home and Garden aisle at your local supermarket
  • Gardening novelty shops
  • Furniture Stores

You can also try looking for temporary fencing models at online stores, although this is not recommended because you can only see what the fencing looks like and not check the durability of the materials used for the fencing.

Estimated Costs of Temporary Garden Fencing

The cost of installing temporary fencing in your garden depends on what kind you intend to install.  Picket-type garden fences often come in sets of 50 which can be bought for anywhere between £15-60.  Larger temporary fencing like panels are bought by the piece.  A metal, 4-metre high temporary fencing panel can cost around £20-40 apiece, accessories not included.  Check the prices at your local hardware store or at a website of a temporary fencing supplier for exact prices.  You may also get quotes upon request.

Investing in garden fencing does not only help protect your plants, it also improves the way your garden looks.  Aside from keeping a properly-maintained garden, you are also sending an impression of organisation and discipline to your visitors and neighbours.  Get some good garden fencing for your home and see how it will help improve your house, protect your plants, and discipline loved ones and visiting friends.  Remember: keep off the grass!