Temporary Electric Fence

Temporary fencing is the kind of fencing used when building a proper fence is not something that is needed.  Temporary fences are used as barriers whose purpose is to secure certain areas or to restrict access to the public.  This is done only for a limited amount of time with temporary fences being used anywhere from a few hours to a several month period.

Other usages of temporary fencing include the controlling of large crowds of people, as well as restricting access to stored tools, machines and other pieces of equipment.  Customers who choose temporary fencing are often people that work on construction sites and whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of the public and the security of the equipment used, as well as the building or unit that is being constructed.  You will also see that temporary fencing is often used during major public events, as well as to ensure security in case a severe accident or natural disaster has occurred.

What is a Temporary Electric Fence?

A temporary electric fence is a type of fencing that is usually used to control and contain animals.  It can be used to keep domestic or farm animals in or to keep wild animals out.  Although it may sound dangerous, it is completely safe to the animals.

Temporary electric fences are very simply and quickly installed, however, they do need to be moved regularly.  Temporary electric fencing usually consists of plastic posts and either poly wire, tape rope or nets.  It is operated by using either a battery or energy from the sun.  The latter are temporary electric fences that are solar powered and they are preferred by those who wish to save money on the electricity bill.

Where Can I Purchase a Temporary Electric Fence?

There are many companies nationwide who supply this type of temporary fencing.  Here are a few places where you can find a temporary electric fence:

  • Rutland Electric Fencing claim to be one of the country’s largest suppliers and they have branches in Oakham in Rutland, Brechin in Scotland and also in Northern Ireland.
  • Snail Away, who call themselves The Great Little Electric Fencing Company are based at 4 Hembury Cottages, Broadhampton, Totnes, Devon.
  • If you are in Scotland you can also get temporary electric fencing from Electric Fencing Direct, located on Dunmore Street, Stirlingshire.

Estimated Costs of a Temporary Electric Fence

Fencing posts range in price from around £15 for a bundle of 10 of the mini size (16” tall) to £90 for a bundle of 50 of the 33” high and approximately £120 for a bundle of 50 heavy duty ones.  Poly wire is £16 for 250cm and jumbo wire is £35 for 500m whilst polytape is £30 for 200m of 12mm or £80 for 200m of 40mm.  Poly rope costs approximately £65 for 200m.  All of these prices include VAT.

Animal welfare is of paramount importance and the cost of temporary electric fencing has to be weighed against the cost of losing livestock or losing plants and vegetables in your garden.  Even domestic pets can be safely contained in this way.  Erecting the fencing is very easy and can be done very quickly without the need for expensive tools or equipment.