Temporary Dog Fencing

Getting a dog is an exciting and fun experience, even if they are a real pain when you first get them or when they are puppies. But their exuberance and constant charm, that can be annoying, is what truly appeals to us.

Obviously dogs, being the adventurous creatures they are, will try to leap and bound everywhere, possibly going in places inside your home that don't want them to. There are two options to solve this sort of behaviour, putting the dog outside or stopping the dog going into certain areas of your home. The best way to do this is to install temporary dog fencing in your home, this way you can properly stop your dog going into a place you don't want them to go.

This is simply a short term solution, until you train your dog enough so that they are obedient and listen to you when you tell them not to go into a room. However it will be a more permanent fixture if you want your dog to sleep outside, as you don't want them to run off or for a stranger to steal or harm your dog, temporary fencing offers a good amount of protection.

Where To Buy Temporary Dog Fencing From?

The most obvious route to take would seemingly be going to a pet shop but most pet shops sell fairly low quality dog fencing, not suitable for a full grown or medium to large dog, they would be fine for a small dog or a puppy though. The best place to go is to a hardware store, they will sell high quality fencing materials, that are easy to turn into a strong and secure pen for your dog.

Just remember when looking for fencing that you don't buy anything that has sharp, rough edges or jagged material because it may harm your dog and cause them discomfort if they came into contact with it, that is the last thing you would want for your pet.

Why Not Just Use A Leash Instead Of Temporary Dog Fencing?

Obviously a leash is much easier to set up, simply attach it to a post or a tree and you're done, but it is quite cruel as your dog will be limited to how far the leash will go. As most dogs can easily forget they are on a leash, if they see a cat, they will run after it, and then they will get a nasty choke when they reach the end of the leash.

Also dogs can easily get tangled up and hurt themselves, as the leash is constantly around their legs, or the leash can get tangled on something else which will also limit the dog's movement.

If you are ever going to use a leash, then it should only be as a really short term solution, not a permanent solution as your dog will suffer in the process. You should really use temporary fencing instead, as your dog has full freedom of movement and a large area to freely play in.