Temporary Chain Link Fence

Temporary fencing is the sort of fencing used to secure spaces for a certain amount of time.  Such fences come in different forms and materials, some of the most common materials being plastic, wire, steel or chain link.  Temporary fencing is usually made of multiple panels that can be erected around the space that requires enclosing, and they are often pretty lightweight, and thus portable.

Temporary fencing can be seen around construction sites, at public events, during strikes and armed conflicts, in case of natural disasters or accidents.  Animal owners may also use temporary fencing to restrict access on their properties and to secure the animals inside.

What is a Temporary Chain Link Fence?

If you need to get an idea about this particular type of fencing, here are a few characteristics that define temporary chain link fence units:

  • Temporary chain link fence can be used to create enclosures, to secure property and grounds and many other situations.
  • They are widely used in commercial locations.
  • They are secure, smart and economical for use in private grounds.
  • They are available in standard (5.5) and heavy duty (7.7) gauges.
  • Temporary chain link fencing is very strong, making it ideal for creating dog enclosures and to protect your property from intruders.
  • It is available in different heights from 0.9m right through to 3.6m and different thicknesses from 2.50mm to 5.00mm.

Where Can I Purchase a Temporary Chain Link Fence?

There is a good selection of companies that offer temporary chain link fencing countrywide. Among these are:

  • James Smith & Co, who are based in Scotland. They are located near Tangland Village, just off the A711 close to Kirkcudbright.
  • R.M. Smith is in Duck Island Road, Ringwood, in Hampshire.
  • Mesh Direct also offer temporary chain link fencing and they are situated on the Fraylings Business Park, Davenport Street in Stoke on Trent.

Estimated Costs of a Temporary Chain Link Fence

Many companies ask you to ring and enquire to get an idea of the prices available.  But as a rough guide, you can get 3 foot high fencing for around £25 for a 10 metre roll and £65 for a 25 metre roll.  For heavy duty temporary chain link fencing you can expect to pay around £80 for a 25metre roll.  End posts are approximately £45, corner posts are in the region of £70, intermediate posts are about £20 each, and two way intermediate posts are approximately £70.  Line wire costs between £5 and £10 for 50 metres depending on the gauge.  All of these prices include VAT.

Temporary chain link fencing comes in both galvanised and PVC- coated varieties, and the PVC coated ones are available in either black or green.  Obviously, what you are going to be using it for could help you decide on which type you should select, and certainly the PVC coated ones are more attractive.  If you visit providers in your area, they will be more than happy to show you some to help you with your decision and to give advice on erecting this type of fencing.