Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls

If you ever require restricting access and securing a certain area for a limited amount of time, note that temporary fencing might be exactly what you need.  This sort of fencing is used in all kinds of circumstances, from civil conflicts and catastrophes to concerts and public gatherings for entertainment purposes.  Temporary fencing can also be used to secure herds of animals in one place, but one of the places they can always be seen are on construction sites, where workers place them to secure their operation and promote the safety of the people close by.

Temporary fencing can be built out of different sorts of materials, including plastic, steel, chain link or wire.  They are usually sectioned in multiple panels that are linked together and can be spread around the area that needs to be secured.

What are Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls?

Plastic temporary fencing rolls are soft plastic fences that come in rolls.  They are available in standard and heavy duty weights and in several different colours: blue, orange, yellow, green and many others.  Bright colours are often preferred as they are used to guarantee high visibility of the fence. 

Plastic temporary fencing rolls are very simply and quickly installed using metal post and fencing pins which fasten them down to the ground.  This type of fencing is often used around the perimeter of building sites or road works where bright colours are necessary.     They are also often used around the perimeter of disaster sites.

Where Can I Purchase Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls?

There are many companies nationwide who supply this type of temporary fencing by the roll or in multiple rolls.  Some of these include:

  • Premier Barriers - Harfreys Estate in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • UK Tapes Ltd - Unit 5 Coopers Park, Springwood Industrial Estate, Braintree, Essex

Estimated Costs of Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls

Prices vary from company to company and it is always best to shop around for a detailed survey of the prices available.

  • The standard weight of plastic fencing comes in rolls is available from just under £20 a roll to as much as £40 a roll.
  • For the heavy duty rolls, which weigh no less than 7.5, you can expect to pay anything from £27 up to £48 a roll.

Usually you can purchase anything from a single roll, but many companies state a minimum order of 2 rolls.  Discounts on bulk purchases are often available

When you are looking for plastic temporary fencing rolls, have a good look around and compare prices.  It is advisable to visit companies too as that way you can compare quality as well as price.  If you are requiring a large quantity, you are likely to get a better deal as most companies will offer a discount on bulk purchases.  Most companies in the UK offer free delivery and they will all be very happy to assist you with help and advice should you require it.