Close Board Fencing

Don’t you just hate it when your nosy old neighbour keeps looking out of her window in your direction with those hungry, prying eyes?  How about when that destructive dog keeps going to your backyard and wreaking havoc on your beloved plants and stealing a few shoes and slippers from your family members?  Sometimes, no matter how fence-free we want our house to be, building a fence for our own security becomes a priority.   However, building a fence doesn’t mean that you need to spend loads of cash on a concrete barrier on your perimeter.  In cases where all you need is to secure some privacy and keep those intruding animals out, close board fencing can work just as good as a concrete fence.

What is Close Board Fencing?

Close board fencing is a practical way of enclosing a property to secure the privacy of the house’s residents and to keep intruders out.  If you aren’t really expecting an onslaught of zombies that would force their way into your house, a close board fencing around your home will give the same message to human and animal intruders alike: keep out!

Close board fences are easy to build and maintain.  If you aren’t the carpenter-type, you can purchase the planks that you will assemble for your close board fence in ready-to-build packages.  However, if you have a craftsman in the family, making your own close board fencing will result in reduced costs and a definitely stronger and more stable fence.

Where Can I Purchase Close Board Fencing?

If you are interested in building close board fencing around your home for privacy and security’s sake, you should purchase close board materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and can stand the test of wear and time.  A few good places where you can look for your close board fencing materials are at:

  • Hardware stores in your area
  • Gardening shops
  • Furniture and Appliance Centres
  • Woodworks shops

Estimated Costs of Close Board Fencing

It is quite difficult to estimate the cost of building a temporary close board fence.  After all, you need to calculate the total length of the fence that you will build around your perimeter, the quality of the wood you will use as panels of the fence, and the cost of labour for the installation of the fence around your house.

A practical way of calculating the cost of installing a close board fence is to divide the total length of your fence with the cost of building a close board panel that is 1.5 metres long.  The cost of this 1.5 metre-long board should include the cost of the gravel board (horizontal wood that serves as the base of the fence), horizontal posts, vertical railings that keep the posts tightly compacted with each other, the feather edge boards that add finish to the fence, and other carpentry accessories such as wood glue, nails, etc.  A 20-metre long fence that uses treated cedar wood can be built in a week for a cost of £300-£500, labour fees not included.

A family should feel secure in their own home.  They should be able to enjoy privacy and relaxation as well.  With a close board fence surrounding your domain, achieving both these things is practical and easy.