Temporary Fencing Rentals

Temporary fencing can be seen in use up and down the UK for many different uses. The use of temporary fencing is beneficial at times when a permanent fence is not suitable, this could be for an event or musical festival when the whole event is set up on a temporary basis to last only two or three days or at a building site that requires a fence to be constantly re-sized as the site grows.

The use of a fence for a short term purpose gives the user the chance to choose from an array of different sized panels and fencing made from different materials; it also does away with the need for time consuming installing, taking only minutes erect. Unlike permanent fencing, customers also have the option of renting a temporary fence as-well as buying; this gives the chance to return the fence after it is no longer needed.

Temporary fencing uses

Temporary fencing rentals are popular for all kinds of reasons and thousands of panels or hired each day to serve a purpose in the construction trade, for crowd control purposes and to help create specific routes for people to follow at events. Temporary fencing rentals will also be beneficial for any reason as there is no shortage of choice of panels or companies to provide them.
Commonly rented types of fencing include:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Barricades
  • Pedestrian barriers

Things to look for when renting

Temporary fence rentals are available across the UK; there are certain things to look for when renting to ensure you receive the best possible deal, no matter what the kind of fence.

When renting a fence, companies will generally charge per panel, per week. The panel alone will not be suitable, for the panel to balance correctly it will need feet or a base, there will also be the need for couplers and connecters in some cases.

When getting a quote for your fence, you should be sure to ask if these extras are included in the price of hire or if they will incur extra costs. Each company will operate under a different policy and some will include these extras, while others may not. There is also the VAT to be factored in to the overall cost, some companies will advertise their prices with VAT not included, and this will entice more custom as the price looks low, added VAT will push that price up by 20%.

You should ensure that all temporary fencing rentals conform to the latest HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Guidelines; this will ensure that the fence is designed to the highest standard.

Some companies will save you the job of employing any extra labour or machinery to unload the fencing by supplying a team of men to unload the fencing for you; this may be subject to a small extra charge.

There are other extras that will incur extra costs if they are required; these include access gates and stabilisers used with hoarding fence.