Temporary Fencing for Events

Temporary fencing is used for many purposes and provides an excellent alternative to permanent fencing which is sometimes unsuitable. There are many different kinds of fencing that can be applied for different circumstances; construction sites and entertainment events are two of the most popular uses.

Temporary fencing for events is beneficial is almost every kind of outdoor festival or fair. Many events - from music festivals to local fates - are hosted at outdoor venues that at any other time of the year serve a different purpose; this means that the use of permanent fencing is just not suitable.

Sporting events such as cross country or marathon running races and bicycle racing also use the use of temporary fencing. In these cases it is used to map out the route for competitors and also to keep spectators away from the track.

Uses of temporary fencing for events

Temporary fencing for events is designed to provide crowd control and direct pedestrian traffic to the correct areas, it is also used to provide a perimeter around the event so that access is restricted to people who are not allowed in.

Fencing can be set-up so that pedestrians at the events can be easily directed to different parts, for instance music stages, ticket areas and refreshment stalls.

Types of temporary fencing for events

There are various kinds of fencing that can be used at events, pedestrian barriers and perimeter fencing are two of the most popular and are both different in size and shape.

Pedestrian barriers can come in plastic or galvanised steel forms and are generally around four feet in height. Pedestrian barriers are easy to install and usually come with attached feet for balance; installation is done simply by hooking one fence panel onto another. Another kind of pedestrian barrier or barricade that may be used at events is a water-fill fence system; these are heavy and durable and provide an excellent option for crowd control.

Perimeter fencing is designed to provide safety to the general public and also security to the event; the most common types of perimeter fencing are anti-climb fencing and hoarding fencing, hoarding fencing provides excellent benefits for maintaining privacy as it is a solid structure.

Both kinds of perimeter fence are installed using metal, rubber or concrete bases and couplers. The base provides balance and stability while the coupler ensures that each panel is held together.

Rolling fence is also a widely used choice of temporary fencing for events. Rolling fence is made from lightweight plastic and generally comes in rolls of 50 metres. Its design allows it to be applied to any kind of terrain. Installation simply requires fence rods being hammered into the ground using a mallet and is done in minutes.

Finding temporary fencing for events

The best place to look for temporary fencing is to use the internet; this can put you in touch with suppliers up and down the UK. Hiring fencing is the most common method of purchase although buying is available.