Temporary Fencing FAQ

Temporary fencing is the ideal solution to many problems it provides many uses and can be installed in minutes unlike permanent fencing which can take a lot longer to complete. Another benefit of temporary fencing is that it can be used as and when you wish and constantly adjusted to meet changing needs, there is also the added bonus of it being economical as it is able to be re-used time after time. The large amount of variety available does pose many questions and people often require help in deciding which kind of fence is best suited to their requirements, this is something that temporary fencing FAQ’s can answer. Using a list of frequently asked questions can help give people an understanding of temporary fencing, what is available and where it can be used.

What is temporary fencing?

The first question in any list of temporary fencing FAQ’s should clear up the exact meaning of temporary fencing. This kind of fencing is used when the need for a fence is only short term, common examples of this are seen on building sites when fencing is used to secure the perimeter and is removed once building work is complete. Music festivals and other events that are set up in fields and other temporary grounds will require fencing that does not damage the ground in any way yet serves to control and direct crowds to the correct places.

What types of temporary fencing is available?

Another common question on lists of temporary fencing FAQ’s is the kind of fencing available. Temporary fencing is able to be purchased in many shapes and sizes and for many uses. Commonly used types of fence include:

  • Perimeter fencing (anti-climb and hoarding)
  • Pedestrian barrier and barricades (made from galvanised steel and plastic materials)
  • Rolling fencing

Perimeter fencing is widely used to secure building sites; pedestrian barriers can be seen at numerous events and used to direct public access and rolling fencing find common use at sports events and circumstances when ground is uneven.

Where can I purchase temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing can be bought but is most commonly hired, except in the case of rolling fence which can be bought cheaply. Hiring temporary fencing gives the chance to purchase the fence only over the time required, there are many companies that can provide temporary fencing in all kinds of varieties. Some of the companies are able to provide for the whole of the UK while others will cater specifically to one area. The best place to find a temporary fence supplier is to look online; using a search engine will put you in touch with the best suppliers.

How much does fencing cost?

This is another ever-present question is lists of temporary fencing FAQ’s, there is not set cost on how much a fence will set you back. The answer will depend on whether you are buying or hiring and which supplier you choose. If you choose to hire then the type of fence, the amount of panels needed and the length of time will all come into account.