Temporary Fencing Cost

There are many different purposes that temporary fencing serves; it offers a great alternative to situations when permanent fencing is unsuitable. Temporary fencing is seen in use in many places and for many reasons, from building sites to police barricades. What is also beneficial about the use of fencing that is designed to be used over a short-term time period is that it can come in all kinds of varieties and sizes and can be applied to any kind of terrain. There is also the fact that there is no complicated installation such as digging holes for fence posts and drilling on panels; temporary fencing cost is also something that provides an advantage over permanent fencing.

Types of temporary fencing

The overall cost of temporary fencing will depend on a number of different factors. Fencing that is to be used over a short term purpose can be hired as-well as bought, the price will depend on the type of fence needed, how much fencing is needed and how long the fence is required.
There are various kinds of temporary fence, the most commonly used include:

  • Perimeter barrier fencing
  • Barricade and barrier fencing (steel, water-filled and plastic)
  • Rolling fencing

Temporary fencing cost and uses

Rolling fencing is made from plastic mesh and is easily installed using simple poles that can be hammered into the ground; it is a popular form of fencing for events such as sports races and local fairs. Rolling fence gives the benefit of be able to adjust to any kind of terrain and is erected in seconds. There are generally two kinds of rolling fence, standard and heavy duty, each one will be metre in height but the heavy duty fence is made from more durable materials. Rolls can be purchased in 50 metre lengths and are available for around £25-£30 per roll.

Barricade and barrier fencing comes in a range of materials, temporary fencing cost will depend on which kind of barricade or barrier you choose. Plastic barriers that are commonly used by workers such as water board or telephone and cable company employees can be bought as opposed to hired, these can be purchased for around £70-£100.

Pedestrian barriers that are made from galvanised steel are a common sight at various festivals, events and other places when crowd control is necessary. These barriers allow both spectators to remain safe while watching an event and participants to continue to perform without disruption. Temporary fencing costs for this kind of fence will depend on whether you are hiring or buying, both options will require that the product is bought in bulk and an order of 20 or more can purchased for around £35-£40 per barrier. Hiring can cost just a couple of pounds, per panel, per week.

Perimeter fencing is widely used in the building and construction trade and is used on almost all sites, its main purpose is to restrict public access for health and safety purposes and provide security. The cost of perimeter fencing is usually based on hire prices as this is how the majority of this kind of fencing is purchased, prices start from around £4 per week including ground block and coupler.