XTY Fence Temporary Fencing

There are many occasions when permanent fencing is just not suitable. This could be in use on building sites with constantly change perimeters or at events and festivals that are held on grounds that cannot be damaged. In these circumstances temporary fencing is seen as the perfect alternative; temporary fencing does not require any messy installation methods and is completely economical offering the ability to be re-used on many occasions.

Top quality temporary fencing is something that the Chinese are very familiar with and the country’s growing economy and population means that temporary fencing is required at numerous building sites and events. One Chinese company is XTY Fence and they are able to supply the whole world with high standard fencing.

XinTaiYuan Wire Mesh Products Ltd

XinTaiYuan Wire Mesh Products Ltd is the full name for the company commonly referred to as XTY Fence. XTY Fence temporary fencing is manufactured and supplied at the company’s 24,000 square metre complex in Anping County, Hebei province; the area is known as the “hometown of wire mesh”.  Since being established in 1998, XTY has grown to have 30 million RMB worth of assets and a workforce of 80 people.

XTY Fence temporary fencing is supplied alongside a range of other fencing which is shipped to continents and countries across the world including:

  • USA
  • Asia
  • Europe

Some of the different kinds of fencing currently produced include:

  • Euro fence
  • Chain link fence
  • Barbed wire fence
  • Wire mesh fence (various forms)
  • Palisade fence
  • Curvy welded fence

The company have built up an excellent reputation and client base and has done so thanks to its high quality products, customer service and aftercare service. The company wins the trust of clients thanks to a good faith and high standard product, the overall philosophy is a simple one and one that the XTY strive to adhere to, which is “top quality products at competitive low prices”.

XTY Fence temporary fencing types

XTY Fence temporary fencing products are made in China and supplied at competitive prices across the world. Each product receives excellent service from the company’s aftercare team and each and every fence panel is designed to be sturdy, portable and easy to handle. XTY fencing is commonly used in the following situations, including:

  • Special events
  • Music festivals and concerts
  • Crowd control
  • Building sites
  • Domestic housing sites
  • Pool construction

Fencing comes in a variety of types and provides excellent benefits for public safety and security. Anti-climb fence panels and pedestrian barriers are the most widely used forms of temporary fence; both types are supplied by XTY Fence.

Anti-climb fence panels are ideally suited for providing perimeter fencing around building sites and events. The design of this kind of fence makes it impossible for potential intruders and children from gaining a hand or foot hold.

Pedestrian barriers are made from galvanised steel and are most commonly used it providing crowd control at various events. This kind of fence is also used to control pedestrian traffic and to guide people to the correct areas at events.