Ward Brothers Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing is extremely effective in providing a short term perimeter around a site or show as well as being ideally suited to providing safe and secure crowd control. It can be seen in all kinds of areas from farms and gardens to building sites and exhibitions and the wide variety of choice means there is likely to be a fence to suit any circumstance.

 The number of different temporary fence products available can often make it hard to choose the correct product; Ward Brothers are one company that can help you in making the best choice.

What Ward Brothers offer

There are numerous advantages to using a professional company when choosing the best kind of fence. The first is the knowledge and experience that can be provided; Ward Brother’s temporary fencing products have been used many times in Stoke-on-Trent and the wider area and the professional guidance they can provide can be essential.

Ward Brothers specialise in all things to do with fencing and can provide both the materials and the installation of both permanent and temporary fencing. Sometimes choosing the correct kind of fence can prove expensive, Ward Brothers are able to supply a suitable fence for your project no matter what sort of budget you have available. They are also specialists in providing garden decking, trellises and garden sheds, all designed and built to suit any budget.

There is a whole host of reasons why Ward Brothers Temporary fencing is the best choice, and every panel is able to be delivered, often the same day (depending on area). Free estimates are available and an experienced and qualified member of staff can come to your venue and breakdown the overall cost of fencing.

Installation is also carried out by Ward Brothers; temporary fencing can often be erected and installed without the need for specialist labour however in some circumstances terrain can be demanding. All work that is carried out by Ward Brothers is fully guaranteed whether the fencing is temporary or permanent.

Out-of-stock is not an option

Getting hold of the correct stock can also be a problem and some suppliers may be limited, this is not a worry with Ward Brothers, temporary fencing is always available in large amounts not matter what the material.

A quote can easily be gathered and will only take one phone call, all fence panels and systems will also include the necessary extras needed for full installation. In the case of perimeter and hoarding fences this will be a rubber or concrete base, couplers which are used to connect the fence together and stabilisers to maintain the balance of the fence.  Pedestrian fencing may need the option of extra feet and rolled fencing may require hammer-in fence poles.

Being one of the largest builders’ merchants in Stoke and the surrounding area means that Ward Brothers are well placed to provide the highest standard of fencing no matter what the circumstances, there work to a motto which says “no matter what the fencing need, Ward Brothers can help” and they certainly stick to their word.