Signature Temporary Fencing

The UK has a big market for temporary fencing - hundreds of events, building sites and sports shows rely on temporary fencing to provide security and safety to the public over the course of the event. Most of these events are held on grounds that are used for other reasons throughout the year; this means that permanent fencing is not an option as lasting damage will be caused. Another advantage of temporary fencing is the fact that installation takes just minutes and can be erected without the help of any qualified labourers, it always provides solid fencing with no digging or drilling required.

There are numerous suppliers of temporary fencing in the UK, not many can claim to be a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of temporary fencing; Signature is one company that can claim this.

About Signature

Signature temporary fencing is the world’s largest manufacturer and renter of fencing and barricades for events; they also provide dance, stadium and tent flooring. The company started, and is based in New York City but have now expanded to have a UK branch in Darlington, County Durham.

A wide range of portable fencing products are produced that can be applied to all kinds of facility and event, there is also fencing to match even the most demanding of terrain. Signature Temporary fencing comes with a quality guarantee and is crafted from the highest standard materials.

Signature temporary fencing products

There are many different varieties of temporary fence on the market, choosing the correct kind of fence for your event can sometimes prove tough, this is something that Signature can provide help with. Whether it is lightweight picket fencing or heavy duty security fencing, Signature is able to cater to your needs. Signature temporary fencing has been seen in use at numerous NASCAR events, PGA golf tournaments and even at Olympic Games.

The types of temporary fencing currently on offer from Signature include:

  • Outfield fencing
  • Rolled fencing and posts
  • Plastic barricades
  • Steel barricades
  • Water-filled barricades
  • Steel perimeter fencing

Each kind of fence can be applied to any kind of event, and each one is designed to be installed easily in minutes. Fencing is suited to securing perimeters and providing crowd control, making Signature the only company needed to supply fencing for an event.

Ordering Signature temporary fencing

Signature make their fencing available for both hire and sale, the best option will depend on your circumstances. Ordering is made easy with quotes available through email or Freephone. There are also regular special offers on certain kinds of fence which can lead to substantial savings.

Signature is able to provide the best kind of fence for your event every time, by explaining your event to the customer service team, staff are able to send you a sample of fencing suited. This can be beneficial in deciding on the best kind of fence before placing a large order.

Each and every product from Signature also comes with a warranty to ensure that you are covered should the fence become damaged.