Securifence Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is seen in use every day across the UK and there is a good chance you will have encountered it in one place or another. It is used at all kinds of events, shows and on almost every construction site in the country; there is also various different kinds of fencing that can be applied to any purpose and on any terrain.

The UK plays host to a plethora events and has hundreds of different building sites; fortunately there is also a large number of suppliers that can provide temporary fencing. One company that has an excellent reputation for quality is Securifence.

About Securifence

Securifence temporary fencing is one of the leading UK show and event fencing specialists. The company operates from its base in Hertfordshire and has over 10 years’ experience in providing security and crowd control barriers at various events. Securifence temporary fencing supplies over 100 miles of fencing to satisfied customers across the UK each year.

The company also offers the sale of nearly-new event fencing to the UK building trade for use on sites to provide security and restrict public access.

Securifence temporary fencing products

Securifence currently offer three kinds of temporary fence product, these are:

  • Crowd control barriers
  • Anti-climb security panels
  • Steel shield hoarding system

Each of the available fencing can be delivered and collected to venues across the UK and an integral forklift can also be supplied to ensure loading and unloading is done quickly and safely.

The use of crowd control barriers at events is essential for providing security to the public by keeping them away from potentially hazardous areas; they are also beneficial in marking out a demonstration area or directing public traffic to the correct areas.

Crowd control barriers

Securifence crowd control barriers can be supplied with fixed feet or detachable feet depending on the best option for you; each fence is also made from galvanised steel which is both lightweight and tough. Fast and efficient delivery is available on the crowd control barriers and they are transported in packs of 55.

Anti-climb panels

Anti-climb security panels are used to provide secure perimeter fencing on building sites and events. These panels are the ideal choice for keeping people in or out of an area and are useful for making a compound within an area that is already fenced off.
Each panel is made from galvanised steel and the hire price will include a concrete of rubber base which provides stability, couplers are also supplied to ensure the panels are securely attached. Anti-climb panels are dispatched in packs of 32.

Steel shield hoarding system

The Securifence temporary fencing steel shield hoarding system is the most effective perimeter fencing system on the market. This system is an excellent choice for blocking out the view of unsightly areas and is often used at paid events, to ensure that non- paying members of the public cannot get a view of proceedings.  Concrete supports, stabilisers and couplers are all supplied in with the hire price and panels come in banded packs of 25.