RW Temporary Fencing

Hundreds or thousands of miles of temporary fencing products are used each year for many different purposes. Temporary fencing is used in circumstances when permanent fencing is not suitable or not needed. The two main goals that temporary fencing provides is safety and security, it does this by shielding possibly hazardous areas from the public and keeps valuable property secure. Temporary fencing is also widely used on stretches of road and motorway across the UK, one company that specialises in providing this is R & W.

R & W Civil Engineering and Highway Maintenance

R & W temporary fencing is one section of the R & W Civil Engineering and Highway Maintenance, the company also provide a host of other services including:

  • Earthworks and drainage
  • Traffic management
  • Electrical
  • Motorway signs
  • Transport and plant hire

The company has been operating in the South of England for over 25 years and has an excellent reputation in both services provided and customer satisfaction. There is a current workforce of 80 people and each is highly trained and skilled in providing excellence. The combination of R & W temporary fencing and their other products has led to the company’s revenue exceeding £8 million pounds.

First class service is the R & W aim and they have provided this since being established in 1981. The company is proud to be managed by a team of highly motivated people and uses innovative techniques and local knowledge to ensure that the highest standards met.

R & W temporary fencing sector

R & W temporary fencing is one area of expertise that R & W specialise in, the company can provide 24 hour per day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year call out for emergencies. R & W hold a National Highways Sector Scheme 2B Accreditation which allows them to provide temporary fencing and maintenance on motorways across the South of England.

The R & W temporary fencing section of the company allows temporary fencing to be installed at short notice when other fencing has become damaged or an alternative route needs to be put in place.

One of the temporary fence products used are known as Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB) these are a perfect to provide fencing alongside a motorway and are strong enough to provide support along the side of a motorway in the event of an accident.

Another R & W temporary fencing system is known as Varioguard, this kind of fencing is ideal for emergency protection of bridges and tunnels. Varioguard is approved for use by the Highways Agency and can be installed simply and easily.

Both fencing systems are available for hire to be used for a short term use, everything is included in the price of hire to ensure that the product is put in place efficiently. R & W can provide delivery of the fencing and also offer installation and have the fence erected in seconds, this can be beneficial in the result of an accident.