McArthur Group Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing can be seen in such places as farms to festivals and everywhere in between, and provides excellent benefits in many ways. The new guidelines set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) mean that temporary fencing is now safer than ever and must conform to these guidelines in order to be sold or hired in the UK.

There is no shortage of companies available in the UK to provide temporary fencing; the McArthur Group is one of the premier suppliers of all kinds of agricultural, building and fencing products.

 About McArthur Group

McArthur Group temporary fencing is only one part of what the company has to offer and the rich history of the company has seen them become a pioneer in all kinds of building, fencing and steel products.

McArthur Group was first established in 1839 and has been trading for over 170 years since the initial foundations were put in place by John McArthur. The company is now one of the UK’s leading and largest companies. Traditional values and excellent customer service has seen the company achieve success over so many years, and their policy of providing highly competitive prices and products to customers means they have remain a popular choice for many people.

The company are proud of their excellent relationships that they have with all customers and fast and efficient distribution is always guaranteed with every product.

McArthur Group temporary fencing products

The building trade is one area that relies heavily on the use of temporary fencing; it is seen in use around the perimeter of almost all building and construction sites. McArthur Group temporary fencing is the ideal choice for use in the building trade and other events.

The McArthur Group temporary fencing provided is anti-climb panel fencing and offers excellent durability while being easy to handle and install. Anti-climb panel fencing offers fantastic value for money and is economical, the fencing mesh uses close wire spacing this is essential for security. The close wire spacing makes it almost impossible for intruders and children to gain a foothold or grip by hand on the fence; this takes away the possibility of scaling. This kind of fence is beneficial for providing both security and safety to the public by keeping unauthorised people away from possibly hazardous terrain and machinery; it also allows valuable equipment to remain safe during out of work hours.

Benefits of anti-climb panels

There are numerous benefits to be had when using anti-climb temporary fencing; the first benefit is the value for money and all-round performance that the fence gives. The fence is also tough, durable and can be re-used from site to site.

The use of Smartweld technology on all corners has improved the strength of the weld by around 70% when compared to MIG welds; galvanised coating also adds to the strength. Powder coating options also provide benefits to clients that require a certain colour to match a corporate colour scheme.

McArthur Group anti-climb panels are manufactured in compliance with HSG151 recommendations.