Mabey Hire Temporary Fencing

The use of temporary fencing is evident in many locations and venues. It has tremendous benefits in providing security, safety, crowd control and traffic management and can being applied in many other circumstances. Another excellent benefit of temporary fencing is the fact that it is economical to use; temporary fencing can be reused many times, whether bought or hired and causes no damage to surroundings when being installed.

Finding temporary fencing in the UK either to buy or hire can be done easily and there are no shortage of suppliers able to provide fencing suited to any requirements; some companies will supply different kinds of temporary fencing to others. The construction and motorway sectors are both industries that rely heavily on the use of temporary fencing; Mabey Hire Services are one company that can provide both construction and motorway companies with the best in temporary fencing.

Mabey Hire Services

Despite forming in 2009 in a merger of three Mabey Group companies, Mabey Hire temporary fencing products can use over 50 years’ experience in the construction industry to provide not only the highest standard fencing but also a range of plant hire and works equipment for ground works, formwork, falsework and refurbishment. The company are able to supply the whole of the UK with its services and operates from three depots in Scotland and 15 locations in England and Wales; this means local solutions can be supplied over national coverage.

Being environmentally aware as a company is a big part of business in the 21st century, this is an area that Mabey Hire Services also excel. Providing the best possible environmental practices across all areas of the company is Mabey’s main aim, they do this by tackling issues such as preventing pollution, promoting waste reduction and preserving the local environment.

Excellent customer service has led to Mabey Hire receiving a first class reputation and healthy cliental, they also aim to provide the best possible products at competitive pricing at all times.

Mabey Hire temporary fencing products

Mabey Hire temporary fencing comes in two types. The first is the widely used anti-climb fence panels. This kind of fencing is commonly seen in use on building sites across the UK and is widely used as perimeter fencing; anti-climb fencing is also used at events and shows to form the exterior of a compound.

Anti-climb fence panels are a perfect choice for the security and safety of potentially hazardous areas. The anti-climb system is designed using steel galvanised tubing and wire mesh inner filling, the mesh is formed to stop anyone being able to achieve grip when attempting to climb. Installation is easy and can be done in minutes by even the most novices of labourers.

The other form of Mabey Hire temporary fencing on offer is called BarrierGuard 800 it is designed to increase safety standards for the public and workers and can be put in place in minutes to form a temporary route during road repairs.