Heras Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing provides excellent short term fencing benefits when permanent fencing is an unsuitable option. There are many different varieties, shapes and sizes that temporary fencing is available in and is used on anything from pedestrian traffic management to penning in animals on a farm.

Deciding on the best type of fence for your needs will depend on the intended use of the fence; Heras temporary fencing is one company that is sure to cater to your requirements whatever the kind of fence needed.

Who are Heras?

Heras temporary fencing is amongst the premier fence suppliers in the UK and has vast experience in manufacturing and disturbing all kinds of fencing panels and accessories to all parts of the British Isles. They specialise in the design and manufacture of fencing and gates, both temporary and permanent fencing, and produce thousands of tons of fencing each year from their six acre site in Doncaster. There are also six other locations across the UK with the full range of temporary fencing.

The name Heras is well known across the world for being a pioneer in temporary fencing and delivers around 3 million metres of fence to customers each year.

Heras temporary fencing products

Heras temporary fencing has a healthy range of products available to cater to anyone’s fencing needs, products include:

  • Heras 151 and 151 steadfast system
  • Heras mesh system
  • Heras pedestrian barriers
  • Heras readyhoard

There is also the Heras echo barrier which can be applied to various kinds of fence to provide significant noise reduction as-well as being hard wearing and weather proof, this makes it a perfect extra for building sites using Heras fencing products.

Hiring and buying Heras fencing

Heras can offer customers the chance to either buy of hire temporary fencing; each kind of fence is available on both options. The choice of whether to purchase by direct sale will depend on what is best for your circumstances, if you are someone that is looking for fencing as a purely short term solution, then hiring is more than likely the best option. If you plan on using your fencing from on site or event to the next then buying may prove to be a better investment. Heras have an excellent customer service team who is always available to talk through the best options suited to your requirements.

Installing Heras temporary fencing

Heras produce each and every product so that installation is simple and straight forward. Fencing is designed to be lightweight and easy to install in just minutes without the need for any specialist labour. If installation is required, Heras can arrange for this to be done, they can also prove site visits, advice and recommendations to make sure you receive the best product available. On some occasions people come across a site that is demanding and installation may prove difficult, Heras can provide help from their sister company Darfen Fencing who are the UK’s leading fence contactor. Darfen Fencing can give a helping hand no matter what the site or terrain.