Hawthorn Trading Temporary Fencing

There are many uses for temporary fencing; it is a common site at many shows and exhibitions across the UK and many event organisers rely heavily on the use of temporary fencing to provide perimeters at events as-well as crowd control, safety and security. Building sites are another sector that relies heavily on the use of temporary fencing to protect the site and keep the area safe from unauthorised people.

Choosing the correct kind of fencing for your purpose can be difficult and although there is an abundance of suppliers and the UK, not all offer the same kind of fencing. Hawthorn Trading temporary fencing is one of the leading companies in the UK and is able to provide the expertise to help in providing you with the best possible fencing.

Hawthorn Trading Company

Hawthorn Trading Company is also known as HTC and are a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of temporary site hoarding, fencing and crowd control barriers.

The company has grown considerably since being formed in 1988 and now provides fencing nationwide from their base in the West Midlands. With relocation in 2003 to a new purpose built 50,000 square foot premises, Hawthorn Trading are able to stock temporary fencing in large amounts.

The company has a level of commitment that ensures the customer service and quality of the product is of the highest standard each and every time. Standards are constantly being improved and new concepts and ideas are always being developed, this allows Hawthorn Trading temporary fencing products to stay ahead of competitors.

Hawthorn Trading Temporary Fencing products

Hawthorn Trading temporary fencing is able to provide the best kind of product whatever the requirement. They have an in-depth range of portable fencing that can be easily installed without the need for extra added labour or specialist fence erectors. Fencing available includes:

  • Crowd control fencing
  • Anti-climb panels and gates
  • Access control
  • Corporate and bespoke
  • Stronghoard and defender

Each kind of fence panel can be used to serve a different purpose and all come fully delivered to all areas of the country.

Crowd control fencing is offered in four different varieties of pedestrian barrier, each constructed from galvanised material and heavy duty tubing. The inter-locking hook and eye system means that all fencing can be installed in seconds, making it perfect for directing pedestrian traffic.

Anti-climb panels and gates are commonly seen being used around building site perimeters, this kind of fencing provides excellent security and safety for short term use and budget conscious customers. All fencing accessories are included and a choice of pedestrian and vehicle gates are available.

Access control fencing is used alongside hoarding systems and is an easily installable access gate for vehicles, these are widely used in the building trade allow for easy access of site machinery.

Hawthorn trading temporary fencing is responsible for introducing the Stronghoard and defender fencing into the market. It is the same in appearance to other opaque hoarding systems although offers extra rigidity and strength.