Harris Fencing Temporary Fencing

There are many kinds of fencing that can be used for a short term measure; temporary fencing is seen in use every day at events and building sites across the country. One of the most widely used and popular kind of fence is known as Harris fencing; temporary fencing of this variety is seen mostly in use sealing a perimeter of a particular area.

Harris fencing uses

Harris fencing temporary fencing is ideally suited to forming a perimeter around a building site or event, this kind of fence provides excellent benefits for both safety and security. Harris fencing can be used to provide safety to the general public when there are various items of heavy machinery being used; it also provides excellent security during out of work hours. Many Harris fence panels also come in an anti-climb design to ensure that extra security is provided.

As well as being popular on building sites, Harris fencing temporary fencing is widely used for crowd control purposes at various events such as music festivals.

Installing Harris fencing

A major plus point of temporary fencing is that installation is quick and easy, this is also the case with Harris fencing. Temporary fencing does not involve any of the complicated and time consuming installation methods of permanent fencing and despite being made from galvanised steel with wire mesh infill; Harris Fencing is lightweight and easy to install.

Installation is always made easy with Harris fencing as it is safe stable and easy to handle, the panels are simply slotted into a base and then attached together with couplers. The base is an important part of this kind of fence and is made from a solid and heavy material such as rubber or concrete, this is done to ensure the fence does not blow over in the wind or when bumped.

When installing any kind of temporary fence it is advisable to wear the necessary protective equipment this will include hard hats, gloves and high visibility clothing, these are a must when installing fencing on a building site.

Hiring Harris fencing

Most suppliers of temporary fencing will stock Harris fencing, that is not to say that each supplier will charge the same amount for each order. It is important that when looking to hire Harris fencing, you gather several quotes before purchasing; doing this can lead you to a low overall cost of hire. Cost will also differ depending on the amount of fence needed; most suppliers will have a minimum order that can be placed.

Harris fencing is put in place as a security and safety structure, this means that it will need to be in first class condition and have no signs of wear and tear. Ordering fencing that conforms to the guidelines set out by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) will ensure that the fencing is of the highest order.

When hiring you should also make sure that you are not stung with hidden costs, some suppliers many not include VAT and accessories in the quoted price, it is important that your quote in all inclusive.