Global Building Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is used in massive amounts each year in the UK; suppliers of this kind of fencing provide millions of miles of fencing for all kinds of reasons and purposes. The use of temporary fencing is beneficial in providing security for areas, being used to restrict and control the flow of pedestrians at events, cordoning off potentially hazardous areas and keeping out unauthorised people from specific areas.

The building trade is one sector that relies heavily on the use of temporary fencing; it is beneficial in providing perimeters around sites which keeps the public safe from hazardous conditions and the site secure during out of work hours. Building sites require temporary fencing as they often need the size of the perimeter changing as the site grows in size; this makes the use of permanent fencing unsuitable. Temporary fencing on building sites is also used to provide temporary access routes for pedestrians during work.

Global Building Supplies

Global Building temporary fencing is amongst the best in the UK and is dedicated solely to the building trade. Global Building Supplies who provide the fencing are also experts in providing scaffolding supplies to countries all over the world, including:

  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Nigeria
  • Bahrain
  • Trinidad

The company is based in Norfolk and supplies client from across the UK with temporary fencing for building sites, they have established a reputation for providing high standard products to a wide spread client base and always maintaining the highest possible levels of customer service.

Each product is sought out from the finest manufacturers from across the world at the best possible prices. Global Building temporary fencing is always supplied to customers at the best possible price for their budget. With 30 years’ experience in the hire of temporary fencing, Global Building Supplies are able to put customer service as their paramount aim; each client can expect to receive an individually catered service that is reliable and hassle free.

Global Building temporary fencing products

Global Building temporary fencing is designed to cater specifically to the building trade and is supplied in anti-climb fence panels.

Anti-climb fencing is made up of three components, the fence panel, the footing (made from either rubber, concrete or thermo-plastic) and the coupler. The coupler is a device that is designed to connect one fence panel to the other.

The Global Building temporary fencing anti-climb panels are designed to promote security and safety, is versatile and economical. This form of fence is also easy to install in minutes and will require no specialist or qualified labourers to erect.

A big part of modern day fencing is the fact that it must conform to guidelines laid out by the HCE (Health and Safety Executive), all fencing and accessories provided by Global Building Supplies are designed to conform with these measures.

Accessories can be added to fence panels to enhance to product, these can include the addition of pedestrian and vehicle gates, anti-lift devices and barbed wire extensions to provide extra security benefits.