Farm Forestry Temporary Fencing

Millions of miles of temporary fencing are either bought of hired, providing many different benefits. There are lots of different kinds of temporary fence and several different materials that can be used to construct them. Some of the more popular fencing is perimeter fencing and crowd control barriers, and these are widely used at events and shows across the UK. People often mistake temporary fencing for being used only on building sites, on motorways and at various festivals; there is also a big market for fencing at farms and in forests. Although the kind of fencing used on farms and in forests may not be the more commonly seen galvanised steel frames, temporary fencing is still widely relied on for a number of purposes.

Shopping for temporary fencing to suit farms and forests may not prove as easy as shopping for temporary fencing for a building site; this is because the market is not a big. One place to visit to find suitable fencing is Farm Forestry; they are able to provide a whole range of products suited to rural settings.

The Farm Forestry Co. Ltd

Farm Forestry temporary fencing is one of many different products the company has to offer and they specialise in the use of fine mesh shelters. The Farm Forestry Company was founded in 1985 and has acted primarily as consultants and contractors to private woodland estates. Over this time they have develop a whole range of products that aim to provide protection to trees.

The company strongly believes in the necessity for manufacturing quality and puts this first and foremost using only in-house product and making sure each product is trialled throughout the UK; this allows Farm Forestry to stay ahead of competitors.

Farm Forestry Temporary fencing products

Farm Forestry temporary fencing products are available in a couple of different options; the first is plastic mesh deer fencing. This product provides an excellent lightweight alternative to traditional wire mesh fencing and is an excellent choice for the protection of gardens.

The fencing is easy to handle and can be cut to the desired size, installation is also easily done and can simply the mesh can simply be wrapped around a tree or fence pole. The fencing has low visibility, gives a great finish and can easily be re-used, making it one of the more economical fencing products on the market. Plastic mesh deer fencing will need the use of stakes to ensure stability; the stakes are easily hammered into the ground using a mallet. A 100 metre roll will cost £115.00 plus delivery and VAT.

The second Farm Forestry temporary fencing product is chestnut pale fencing; this is seen in wide use in forests up and down the UK. The fence is 100% natural and constructed from wooden stakes held together with wire. Installation of pale fencing is done in minutes by simply hammering the stakes into the ground. Rolls of fence start from just £29.92, delivery of the product will incur extra charges.