Beaver 84 Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing was first introduced to the market as a way to provide security to building sites. Since its inception it has grown to become common place at numerous events, shows and sites across the UK. Fencing is now available to provide much more than it was originally designed for and now plays a big part in crowd control, pedestrian management and in the mapping out of temporary footpath and road routes during various construction work.

There is no shortage of temporary fencing suppliers in the UK; some can provide fencing to the local area while others can operate on a nationwide level. Beaver 84 are one company that can provide the latter.

About Beaver 84

Beaver 84 temporary fencing is supplied to many companies and contractors across the UK as part of the Beaver 84 service in providing scaffolding, fencing and groundwork’s products. All products offered are able to be bought or hired across the UK, and customers can benefit from nationwide coverage with local knowledge, expertise and support.

Beaver 84 temporary fencing is supplied from ten different locations across the UK and with 26 years’ experience behind then the company has amassed a reputation for providing unparalleled customer service.

Beaver 84 does not only provide products to the construction industry, events, TV and film industries are also regular clients and all benefit from the high quality products on offer.

Buying or hiring

Beaver 84 temporary fencing offers something that many other companies do not, this is the chance to either buy or hire. The best choice will depend on the circumstances and what the fencing is to be used for, Beaver 84 are dedicated in providing the most  competitive pricing no matter what option is chosen.

Each and every product is meticulously maintained and thorough checks are carried out before hire and upon return, any necessary repairs are done to the highest standards and customers can be confident that every panel of fencing conforms to industry guidelines.

Beaver 84 temporary fencing options

Beaver 84 temporary fencing is available to suit almost any need and requirement; three different kinds of fencing are stocked as-well as all of the necessary fencing ancillaries. Available fencing includes:

  • Smartweld 100 anti-climb fencing
  • Crowd control barriers
  • Steelguard hoarding

Smartweld 100 is the toughest and most durable fencing panel on the market and provides excellent joint strength which is 70% better that the traditionally used MIG welding technique.

The Smartweld 100 comes in four different varieties and the rigorous testing that is carried out on each panel ensures only high standards are met.

Crowd control barriers can come either with or without feet attached and are tough yet easy to handle and install, each panel is galvanised to add to the overall strength.

Steelguard hoarding combines the benefit of a temporary fence with the security and privacy that is provided by site hoarding. The panels offer both adaptability and rapid installation whenever they are applied and they are also an excellent alternative to traditional timber hoarding.