AVS Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is an excellent alternative to permanent fencing; it can be hired or bought and is both easy to install and economical, temporary fencing can be re-used on many occasions and causes little or no damage to the ground. Temporary fencing is available in many different materials, types and sizes and can be applied to many different situations. The UK is a big market for temporary fencing and has many suppliers in areas across the UK; AVS Fencing Supplies are experts in providing both permanent and temporary fencing.

AVS Fencing Supplies

AVS Temporary fencing is sold alongside a whole range of permanent and security fencing as well as decking and landscaping products. AVS was formed in 1987 and has grown to become one of the most respected suppliers of fencing, decking and landscaping materials in the UK. The company covers wide parts of the UK and has branch outlets in:

  • Peterborough
  • Guildford
  • Lewes
  • Henfield
  • Wokingham
  • Rudgwick
  • Stansted
  • Harlow

They also regularly deliver to areas including Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, London and Essex. All members of staff are friendly, easily approachable and experienced in all aspects of fencing. Delivery is also provided from every one of the company’s branches and with a wide range of stock always available, clients are sure to have their requirements met. 10 vehicles are in constant action to make sure that delivery times are met in all of the available areas.

Buying AVS temporary fencing

Unlike other suppliers, AVS temporary fencing provides fencing that is only for sale and not for hire, they offer temporary fencing that is more suited for permanent re-use. Buying your desired fencing is easily done and can be purchased either online, over the phone or in person at any outlet.

Buying online is fully secure and can be done in minutes using the simple online shopping process; there are also discounts available for anyone spending over £500 on AVS temporary fencing or other products. A £500 spend will entitle the customer to 5% off the total order.

Once a purchase has been made, emails are sent out with a delivery date, AVS aims to deliver all products within 4-5 working days, however many deliveries are done a lot quicker.

Types of AVS temporary fencing

The temporary fencing offered by AVS comes in the form of various kinds of mesh fencing and site hoarding.
Site hoarding provides the perfect perimeter fencing for any kind of building site or event, it has benefits in both security and safety and the fact the sheets are opaque means that contents inside the fence is blocked from view. Site hoarding is ideal when an unsightly view requires covering or, in the case of events, to prevent non-paying customers from viewing proceedings. Hoarding is available in plywood or metal panels and is easy to install.

Wire mesh fencing provides many benefits in gardens or on farms, it can be used to pen animals, provide boundaries for sports and for security, it is easy to cut to size and install and can be constantly re-used.