Second Hand Temporary Fencing

There are many occasions when the use of temporary fencing is a much more practical option than permanent fencing; there are other times when the use of temporary fencing is essential.

There are many different kinds of fence that is used as a short term measure to provide anything from security to crowd control, popular fencing includes:

  • Anti- climb fence panels- these are often seen on building sites and provide both security for the site and safety for the general public.
  • Pedestrian barriers with fixed leg- these are one of the most popular forms of temporary fencing and are seen in everyday use at events such as music festivals for crowd control and to map out areas for pedestrian access.
  • Pro barrier- this is similar to pedestrian fencing and is commonly seen on footpaths and motorways to restrict access to a certain area.
  • Hoarding fence panels are also widely used on building sites, however, unlike anti-climb fence panels, this kind of fence is made up of solid panels so that a view of the area is blocked out.

Many people who have the need for fencing choose to hire, there are other occasions when buying could be a better option, second hand temporary fencing can be particularly beneficial.

Why buy temporary fencing?

Second hand temporary fencing can provide someone with the access to this kind of fence on a permanent basis; this can be useful for anyone that is involved in the running and planning of regular events such as fairs and festivals or builders that have sites in different areas.

Hiring temporary fencing does not always suit everyone. If you are a person that constantly needs to hire fencing for different reasons then buying can often prove to be a better investment than hiring, second hand temporary fencing can leads to huge savings on that of buying new.

Buying second hand temporary fencing

Second hand temporary fencing is found in many places, some fence hire companies will sell off obsolete stock at low costs, while other kinds of fencing may be available through building and events companies that no longer have a need for it.

Temporary fencing is used to provide safety to the public and security to the area; this means that each panel will need to be in first class condition, this cannot always be guaranteed with fencing that is second hand. Before buying second hand fencing it is wise to carry out a visual inspection, temporary fence panels that have been in constant use may show signs of wear and tear.

Any signs of frayed mesh or rusting legs may mean that the panel is unsafe to use, especially in circumstances when the fence is to be used for crowd control. You should also make sure that the fence comes will all of the necessary extras to ensure it can be easily installed; these extras may include bases and feet as-well as couplers and connectors. Buying second hand fencing can also be helpful if only a couple of extra panels are needed for a particular purpose.