Hire Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is applied in situations when permanent fencing is either unneeded or unsuitable; it offers excellent versatility and provides an excellent short term purpose across many different areas. It is not uncommon to see temporary fencing during your everyday commutes; it is often in place in most cities and towns across the UK, on building sites and in use as a temporary footpath. Every time we visit a local event or festival we are likely to see temporary fencing being used to control crowds and provide temporary paths for people to walk through.

People often look to hire temporary fencing as opposed to buying as it gives a person the fence required for the length of time required. This is ideal for someone who is running a building site of hosting a village fate or fair.

Where to hire temporary fencing?

There are many people that choose to hire temporary fencing; fencing can be provided by companies on both a local and a national level. A good place to find suppliers is to use a local directory such as the Yellow Pages, this will list companies in and around the local area that are able to provide various types of fencing.

The most popular way of finding a supplier is to use the internet, many companies now advertise their products through a personal website, and this will include fence types and specifications as-well as the cost of hire. To find suppliers over the internet that can supply your area you can simply use a search engine such as Google or Bing.

How much will it cost to hire temporary fencing?

The cost of temporary fencing hire will depend on a number of factors, these include:

  • Type of fencing required
  • Amount of fence panels required
  • Supplier
  • Length of time the fence is required
  • Any added extras

Each supplier will set their prices differently, some will include all of the items necessary for installation in with the total hire price, others may charge extra for items such as feet, bases and couplers which join the fence.  The overall cost will come down to the type of job you need the fence to cover, perimeter fencing such as anti-climb and hoarding fencing will cost more to hire than plastic pedestrian barrier fencing.

There are various extras that can be added to a fence that will incur extra costs; these can include stabilisers for balance and barbed wire for extra security. Any extras that are required should be asked for prior to a quote being given. There are also delivery costs to take into account, local area deliveries may be done for a small fee whereas long distance deliveries may cost up to £100.

When looking to hire temporary fencing you should also be aware of the added VAT, some suppliers will advertise or quote prices excluding VAT, once this is included the overall cost will differ by 20%.

You should be sure that you phone around and retrieve four or five quotes before deciding on the best one.